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Amor De Dali


Introducing our latest sensation, a new wave creative who has also brought a refreshing energy to not only the UK, but Londons latin music scene. Amor De Dali, known for his eclectic style and innovative soundscapes, seamlessly blends genres to create songs that are both captivating and unique. Respectfully, his approach to music is not just about following trends but setting them, with an emphasis on raw emotion and experimental techniques.


Each track created by A.D.D is a testament to his abilities to push boundaries while maintaining a distinct and personal touch. As A.D.Ds management team, we are thrilled to support and amplify the voice of such an inspiring and multifaceted talent, who's work is truly a breath of fresh air.

Here are a few visuals to get acquainted and please do watch this space for all new music related projects coming soon exclusively to

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